Happy Birthday, Thom Gunn, born 29 August 1929, died 25 April 2004

Five Quotes

  1. As humans we look at things and think about what we’ve looked at. We treasure it in a kind of private art gallery.
  2. A literary influence is never just a literary influence. It’s also an influence in the way you see everything - in the way you feel your life.
  3. I admired what my students were writing, but I think their improvement doesn’t directly result from me but from being in a class, being with each other.
  4. We control the content of our dreams.
  5. Deep feeling doesn’t make for good poetry. A way with language would be a bit of help.

Gunn was an Anglo-American poet who is well-known for The Man With Night Sweats. He won numerous literary awards including the Levinson Prize, a Rockefeller Award, and the W. H. Smith Award. He was awarded fellowships from the Guggenheim and MacArthur foundations.

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by Amanda Patterson for Writers Write

"The library in summer is the most wonderful thing because there you get books on any subject and read them each for only as long as they hold your interest, abandoning any that don’t, halfway or a quarter of the way through if you like, and store up all that knowledge in the happy corners of your mind for your own self and not to show off how much you know or spit it back at your teacher on a test paper."
– Polly Horvath, My One Hundred Adventures (via observando)